Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Things I've made lately

While throwing clay is something I've been so keen to try for a long time, I've been thinking about other elements I can introduce into my wearable pieces that I can make myself and aren't reliant on serious equipment, firing aside of course. So I signed myself up for Abby Seymour's hand painting and forming porcelain class. Not going in with distinct design ideas aside from some sketches, I finished the four weeks with a collection of beads and some small vessels that I'm rather enamoured with. I've also bought more clay to play with. Everyone is getting salt dishes for Christmas this year! Abby is a lovely and generous teacher, I would certainly recommend her classes. Her superfine painted exhibition works are really quite beautiful. A note on props... the gorgeous brass sugar spoon in the photograph below was a wonderful birthday present from two very dear friends, Rowan and Saan.   

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Circle studies

I was rather excited to receive this little package in the mail from Jade. I even put off the opening until I had time to set up my camera and document it. Earlier this year, I proposed an art letter exchange as a bit of creative fun with two friends, Saan and Jade. Here is Jade's response to the little collection of drawings I had sent her. Jade included her original notes and small drawings which ended up being a series of experiments in texture using the motif of a circle. The works even smell like her. It reminded me of how I love seeing the working ideas and process almost as much as the final product. Thanks Jade!       

Friday, October 11, 2013


In my early high school years, I wanted to be a marine biologist - then I fell in love with photography and art. Earlier than that, I really wanted to be a singer. The Annie Leibovitz monograph pictured was the very first art book I bought for myself. I was in high school and thought I would become a minimalist and a serious photographer - I'm anything but. I collect shells, I own trinkets and while I'll admit to a dislike of taking photographs in front of strangers, I still sigh when I see a Eugene Atget print and photography still has that special magic. I'm currently trying to decide what my next move will be after having a year off from full time teaching. I thought that perhaps putting it out into the world, I would have to make a serious decision at some point. Have a lovely weekend. The sun is shining this Friday in Melbourne, so I hope you're getting some, where ever you are x