Friday, October 11, 2013


In my early high school years, I wanted to be a marine biologist - then I fell in love with photography and art. Earlier than that, I really wanted to be a singer. The Annie Leibovitz monograph pictured was the very first art book I bought for myself. I was in high school and thought I would become a minimalist and a serious photographer - I'm anything but. I collect shells, I own trinkets and while I'll admit to a dislike of taking photographs in front of strangers, I still sigh when I see a Eugene Atget print and photography still has that special magic. I'm currently trying to decide what my next move will be after having a year off from full time teaching. I thought that perhaps putting it out into the world, I would have to make a serious decision at some point. Have a lovely weekend. The sun is shining this Friday in Melbourne, so I hope you're getting some, where ever you are x

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