Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Things I've made lately

While throwing clay is something I've been so keen to try for a long time, I've been thinking about other elements I can introduce into my wearable pieces that I can make myself and aren't reliant on serious equipment, firing aside of course. So I signed myself up for Abby Seymour's hand painting and forming porcelain class. Not going in with distinct design ideas aside from some sketches, I finished the four weeks with a collection of beads and some small vessels that I'm rather enamoured with. I've also bought more clay to play with. Everyone is getting salt dishes for Christmas this year! Abby is a lovely and generous teacher, I would certainly recommend her classes. Her superfine painted exhibition works are really quite beautiful. A note on props... the gorgeous brass sugar spoon in the photograph below was a wonderful birthday present from two very dear friends, Rowan and Saan.   

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