Monday, April 1, 2013

Autumn has arrived

The arrival of autumn means that winter is around the corner and it is not a season I particularly enjoy. Give me ten days of thirty-five degrees compared to a single winters day. Although I'm apprehensive about the colder days ahead, it does herald the beginning of stews, slow cooking, home made sausages and mushrooms - and that my dear, I can get excited by. So I'm hoping to get out there in the great outdoors over the next few months and forage for mushroom with an older sibling who knows quite a bit about the right ones to eat. I've bought a few cookbooks in the last few months including the new Rose Bakery book How to boil an egg and I can't wait to try out a number of recipes. If you haven't checked out the book, please do. The drawings by botanical illustrator Fiona Strickland are jaw dropping. 

My camera has been getting a protracted check up so I'm sharing a recent Instagram photograph. I'm so addicted to playing around with filters, effects and being a little bit of a geek about it all. As teaching work has been scarce, I'm working full time on some new woven work which I'm quite excited by. I'm also about to have one of the sample artworks from Significant Others included in an exhibition that opens this week titled Home Reframing Craft and Domesticity. There are a few interesting workshops and events that coincide with the exhibition that sound great, so check out the link above if you're in Melbourne. Although I don't know much about the artist Mervyn Napier Waller, my pick would be the tour of the home and studio he shared with his artist and illustrator wife Christian. Promise I'll have new samples in the next few weeks.    
My Instagram profile is carla_grbac for those also keen on the app... I always love making new friends!