Saturday, December 27, 2014


I travelled to Europe with my four sisters; Kathryn, Maria, Julia and Olivia. On our way, we had gotten a little lost driving from Zagreb to Pula. After calculating getting into Pula in less than three hours, it took us five mostly dark and nervous hours! There were a few hilarious moments, including feeling a little desperate and stopping to ask for directions. 

In the smallest country pub filled with drinking locals and thick cigarette smoke, we asked in broken Croatian for directions. After quite a bit of drunken gesticulation and wild estimates of how long it would take for us to make our way to Pula, we were back on the road and onto a tollway. Our GPS had been set to avoiding any paying toll roads, hence the wild goose chase through the countryside. Shame we couldn't see much of it either, it was pitch black by then. This what some of what we saw the following day, wandering around the stari grad, or old town, where my father spent his teenage years.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Travel and life

So I've been away. Partly because I've been busy and concentrating on other things, working and generally getting caught up in life. I also lost some of the desire I had to share on here thinking, who cares? Does anyone out there really read this and find it interesting, or am I wasting precious time agonising over my writing and photographs. Remembering why I started this had me coming back - a record or visual diary of sorts and that regular discipline to produce. I've been struggling with this lately and thought, why not give it another go? I've always blogged about all of my creative endeavours, so I thought I'd start with my recent trip to Europe. I'll post more next week. I had a great old time in Croatia!