Monday, September 27, 2010

A few things I've been doing lately

After starting this work over a month ago, I finally cut the last of it off the loom on Friday. Sometimes it takes a lot of patience to get through weaving something when you run into problems from the very beginning, including having to re-thread sixteen shafts. It will eventually be made into a pillow. I can't wait to get started on weaving new things.

Some new ink drawings I'm working on for jacquard designs but I think they are a little too complicated and might work better as digital prints on silk or perhaps even embroidered. I only wish I had the patience for that sort of complex hand work on fabric and the time to learn a new skill. Then again, there is always next year. I can only draw a few of these before my hand cramps up and refuses to draw the semi straight lines.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I'm in the process of putting together photographs of my work for a graduate show catalogue. There is something to be said for getting a friend to take the photographs, especially when they have great digital camera and don't mind cake as payment. Thanks Gus!

Luna jacquard. Cotton and viscose.

Handwoven scarf in paper. Silk and cotton.

Small brooch samples in twill and rya knot techniques. Silk and cotton.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Old travel photographs

There is nothing more beautiful than a silver gelatin print with deep glossy blacks. With never enough time in the darkroom, these were photographs from my first trip to Europe that remained little prints on my contact sheet. I carried my medium format twin lens mamiya and heavy tripod all over, taking mostly portraits of my family. After talking about traveling with a friend I couldn't resist the urge to get these out and scan some negatives.
San Gimignano Towers, Siena


Ancient graffiti in the Hagia Sofia, Istanbul

My father was born under a tree in this little town outside Pula, Croatia.

Lanišće sits in a huge valley surrounded by tall ominious mountains. I travelled here in middle of winter with a large group of friends to take some photographs. Afterwards we ended up at a local restaurant for a dinner I will never forget. We drank rakija (the Istrian version of grappa) with honey to ward away the cold.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Gunta Stölzl

Gunta Stölzl's work has always inspired me. First a student of the Bauhaus, then teacher when the school moved to Dessau, she was quite instrumental in setting the work ethic in the weave room. I love they way she uses so much colour. Letters written by her at the time mention how inspired she was by Itten, who taught colour theory at the Bauhaus. My favourite of her work is the jacquard below. Simply stunning. Even though it is possible to do almost anything in jacquard weaving, this is still a really complex work which has probably been woven in three panels then sewn together. I wish I could weave like this.

Five Harnesses 1928

Wall Hanging no. 324, 1926

Wall Hanging Black and White, 1923

Slit Tapesty Red/Green 1927-28
Thought I would end on this much copied tapestry. It contains everything you would want to see in a work of art, rhythm, balance, beauty and of course colour!

Cake for Livvy

With the tree in my backyard laden with ripe beautiful lemons and an occasion for a special sort of cake, I thought it was the perfect time to try Tartine's Lemon Meringue Cake. Its always exciting buying new kitchen accessories and this week my new addition is a blow torch. With the chiffon cake soaked in lemon syrup, layered with lemon cream and caramel then finally topped with meringue, I'm hoping that it tastes as good as it looks. Oh and that the birthday girl likes it!