Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tasmania part two

Tasmania really is so beautiful and my photographs don't really do it justice. We travelled to Huonville and through a number of sweet towns like Geeveston where we stopped and turned around to head north. I wasn't really kitted up for serious hiking but the walks around the Tahune AirWalk were easy enough with plenty of information about different plant species and plenty of furry green trees. I swear, there must be fairies there - it must be quite magical in Summer. There were lots of moments of sunshine and no serious rain to dampen our spirits - I think we were pretty lucky. On our way back to Hobart we drove through Cygnet, Kettering and Snug and ended up in Richmond on our last day, eating more pie for lunch and wandering around the quaint township. 

Thanks to those people who gave their recommendations - freely or unwittingly - of where to go and what to do; Saan and Rowan, Jade, Ryan and Elizabeth. It was certainly worth getting out of Hobart and taking a drive. Next time it will be the coastal beaches that I'll have my eye on.

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