Sunday, January 2, 2011

Visual diaries

Nothing like looking through a friends visual diary. Finding out those things that interest others in their making is always facinating. I love using those middle sized black moleskin books but the paper is not the best for drawing on, especially with ink. I usually draw onto heavy based papers that don't bleed and add them at a later date. So in light of a new year, a new studio almost all set up and a new visual diary, I thought I would post photographs of mine from the past year.

Emmet Gowin photograph on the right.

Drawings of work from RMIT Schmuck show.
Karl Fritsch jewellery on the left. I would love one of his rings one day.
Ivan da Silva Bruhns carpet on left.
A neckpiece I made late last year.
I thought I would end on the last two things I made in 2010. Kumihimo braided rope for neckpieces. On the left is a charcoal silk piece I'm wearing wrapped around my wrist a few times over. Looking forward to plenty more making this year.


P R I M O E Z A said...

what a beautiful diary - far more interesting than any i ever made.

Carla said...

Thanks Elizabeth!