Sunday, January 22, 2012

A weekend away

Melbourne's weather has been slightly disappointing so far this summer. We've had extremes - hailstorms and the occasional crazy hot day, but balmy evenings have been few and far between. The weather gods seemed to smile favorably and last night ended up being the perfect evening for a late summer wedding. There was plenty of dancing, delicious wood fired pizza, friends, happy tears and blissful smiles from the bride and groom. I took my time getting home today, driving through beautiful bush land. I love a sun dappled highway, but I'm always quite surprised by how brown the countryside really is. Back in Melbourne I wandered through the garden, picking basil for my dinner, tomatoes for a salad, and roses for the table - all while admiring these delicate zucchini flowers. I believe they are on the menu for tomorrow night.   

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