Sunday, July 10, 2011


I don't often eat out at expensive restaurants, but one of my siblings is a chef and I get a little spoilt when I visit, so I thought why not. He is a talented one. Each plate was an art work of carefully constructed flavours and textures. Smears of beetroot painted on plates with large brushes, earthy wintry tones offset by tiny splashes of bright colour. My favourite was the blue swimmer crab pastitsio with a fricassee of celery and leek and crab foam. Melbourne has been miserably cold these past few weeks, and crab always reminds me of summers spent camping by the beach. I'm a little obsessed by the sweet things in life, and I've wanted to paint some food for a while. Here was the perfect opportunity for some practice. Earl grey infused custard, butterscotch caramel, pear jelly, krema ice cream quenelle, chocolate soil and micro herbs. There wasn't a bit of soil out of place, that is just me, covering up my accidental spots. It was amazing, thanks Joe! I think it might be time to bake, the smell of lemon drifting through the house is too tempting to resist.   

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