Monday, July 26, 2010

Journey to the Moon

I loved the beauty of Emmet Gowins black and white aerial photographs. Images of crop circles and bomb testing sites in the middle of vast nothingness. It planted the seed for these samples and final jacquard fabric.

Beautiful inky navy spec-dyed cotton from Avril paired with coral mercerised cotton.

Two colour jacquard in white/black and yellow.

Doubleweave using Habu black/white and white/black viscose. A little something I'm going to keep working on.

I was lucky enough to be flown up to Brisbane to work on a design to be woven into upholstery fabic at a mill. It's so different to any experience I've had with handweaving. So much faster but none of the romance of crafting something by hand. But then again, I could never produce upholstery grade fabric by hand. Here I was trying out different yarn colours but this one ended up on the cutting room floor.

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