Monday, July 19, 2010

A cushion of sorts

I thought I might start with my latest stuff. I bought some beautiful spec dyed cotton from Avril in a few colours and decided the grey would be perfect combined with a great greenish yellow mercerised cotton I found at Dairing. I had wanted to finish this (not so) little project by Wednesday but ran out of yarn as I was just over half way through warping up. So my warp is pictured left along with the 2" wide ribbon I wove for the piping. I loved weaving this. Inky navy with white Habu paper yarn as weft. Will keep you posted once I've woven the panels and sewn it together. Also in the works is a moon cushion. Kinda excited about that one.

I couldn't help but post a photograph of the yarns themselves. The white/black skein is a beautiful viscose yarn from Habu.

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